The Old
Clippings: mostly targeted to family and friends, in which I have shared my hobbies, my children, and odd musings. I have written on and off since 2005. Hosted on Blogger.
Facebook: This is still mostly a personal feed. I don’t yet follow ed tech stuff on FB. Should I?
DemoClassWiki: I ran my fifth and sixth grade class using a wiki for several years. This has been at various times my wiki testing ground, my resource list, and my technology workshop lessons. Hosted on Wikispaces.
Stlzdiigo: I am transitioning to using Diigo for my bookmarking. Formerly I had a page in my wiki, but that has become too cumbersome.
The New
Techological Ontology: where I will put material related to educational technology. This is new and hosted on WordPress.

Dadding IdeasCo-parenting, working part time, being a dad in a world of moms. Thinking of gender, of commercialization, of fun projects, and of more. Hosted on Tumblr.
@rilesdan: I am the proud owner of one tweet at this point, though that should change. I am starting to find folks to follow in the ed tech world.

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