99 percent, or really about 75 percent

With my desktop down for several days now (just waiting on a new hard drive) I have found that I really can do most things I want to do on the iPad. These posts are exclusively written on the iPad using Blogsy. I can certainly check mail, surf the web, and do the basics.


Even more than that, there are now things I only do on the iPad. The recipe programs Epicurious and Pepperplate drive my cooking. RSS reading only happens on the iPad through Mr. Reader from which I can send to Facebook, Diigo, and Twitter among other services. I mostly read Twitter and Facebook on the iPad. My lists reside on both the iPad and iPhone in Wunderlist. I almost always use my IOS devices for passwords, too.


Consolidating my lists from the various old sources, however, is awaiting some good desktop, two monitor action. Graphics for my blogs and blog themes along with other more in-depth blog maintenance will be done on the more powerful machine. I have not yet figured out how to hide the posts from a particular person using the mobile Facebook app. I was also unable to remove myself from a group using that app. It is quite likely that it is doable, I just did not find out how. There are little annoyances or “features” like this that make me itch to get the desktop back up and running.


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