Well, I have been playing around with Twitter. Mainly, I look at a few people’s tweets, auto publish two of my blogs to my Twitter feed (including this one; how recursive), and post links there from the RSS feeds I read. I am barely a blip in the Twitterverse. I do need to engage in the #edchat chattings and many other things to fully leverage this particular tool.

I did download hootsuite and tweetdeck to see if they would improve my experience, and I really have to say that I like the Twitter client better than these two highly regarded platforms. Perhaps power users would tell me what I am missing, but for now the Twitter client serves me just fine. 

Ultimately, I’d like something that aggregates my RSS feeds with Facebook and Twitter as Flipboard does, but I would like to be able to see my streams in a much more efficient interface rather than the pretty but time consuming one in Flipboard.

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