How to watch movies

Netflix was the source for a long time, but when they split their delivery and online services, the cost became a factor. There are many options for satisfying my movie watching interests. Netflix on demand has a large if somewhat odd selection and is what I currently use. To supplement this, I get movies from the public library, but they are often scratched and unwatchable. I have repaired a few with my ancient CD cleaner, but I fear that the libraries probably don’t want users to do this. Many people like Hulu, but I dislike commercials so much that this is hard for me. Our Tivo is also a good source, but there aren’t many shows that I like to watch (on broadcast stations).

I am ready for a subscription/pay on demand source that aggregates content from many sources, is ad free, and has a wide selection of new and old media. It must also fall in the cost range of current Netflix subscriptions.

What do you use?

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