Did I Err?

Today, in true Groo-like fashion, I think I blundered through Google plus groups with the skill of a rampaging and clumsy barbarian. I went through my whole contacts list and added people willy-nilly. I am beginning to believe that this serves Google really well, but probably put me back on the radar of people who may not even remember who I am or people with whom I may not want to strike up a new conversation. However, I am seeing more buzz about how Google+ is appearing in ed tech circles, so into it I charge. We shall see what the ripple effects and repercussions of this plunge into Google+ groups leads to.

On another front, I finally joined up with the Educators PLN, a ning group dedicated to networking educators. Specifically, I wanted to access some of the resources hosted there for the #edchat Twitter conversation. I have more hope for this foray; it might directly lead to better connections to other technology educators.

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