Each stone placed in a foundation both creates the possibility for the structure to come and constrains the architect and the builder to this new, physical reality.

When I was younger, my family went through some upheaval, and in that time, I imagined each assumption and value as blocks in my rapidly crumbling foundation. I worked to build it back up with the pieces in which I believed. As time has gone on, I have moved through periods of building and taking down my own foundations. When they are allowed to stand, it is then I can craft the structure on top.

In my transition from classroom teacher to technology specialist, I am beginning work on a new structure. I am fairly proud of what I accomplished as a classroom teacher, and my new endeavor certainly draws from that body of knowledge that I accumulated over time. However, I must place brand new stones, ones cut with new tools from new material to truly move forward. With last year under my belt, and this year half over, I am beginning to get some of those blocks in place. This blog is one of them, and there are many more self-directed ones. However, professional direction and experience is an amazing tool to craft oneself.

Last year a groups of elementary and middle school tech educators, MEMSET, started meeting. I hope to harness those meetings and the connections from them to help build myself as an educational technologist. One of the meetings was a presentation by Marina Bers out of Tufts. I came back from that charged up and told my wife I wanted to start taking classes. After some time, this urge dissipated, but the impression stayed with me. Hopefully I can go to conferences, attend workshops, and even take some classes to help me place these critical blocks that enable while simultaneously constrain me.


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