Mark as Read

Since my desktop is running again, I haven’t used my iPad as much, and I certainly haven’t read through my RSS feeds. I find it so much easier to do from the Mr. Reader app than on my computer. However, like dishes in the sink, once there is a critical mass of unread posts, I find it too daunting to plow through them. Not wanting to miss one gem, I am reluctant to click, “Mark all as Read,” but that is a fallacy of a bygone era. It is a mindset inherited from a time when you could keep up with the reading. Now, it is more of a stick-your-mouth-in-the-fire-hose attitude. When you want info, you can get inundated as much or as little as you want. What you can’t do is drink all the water. You have to let some go past untasted, unknown.

So I’ll go pick up the iPad, skim what I want, read what I want, and mark them all as read. If I don’t, I’ll miss out on some gems instead of all of them. Too bad I can’t apply this same strategy to my email!

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