Photos Managed for Now

In my endeavor to unify, simplify, and organize the many different scattered elements of my digital life (and some parts that are still analog), I keep looking for a great photo organizer. There are many options out there from iCloud to SmugMug. For now, however, I have settled on Flickr. Family members are already using it, so sharing is a no-brainer. I paid for the upgrade to access my original photos and download longer videos. I am currently uploading my iPhoto library from the mac to which I have been downloading phone camera photos for the last few years. After that, I will tackle uploading the years of digital photos from my desktop. First, I have to reconnect the external drive that stores all that info. I still only have monitors, keyboard, and mouse hooked up to my recently resuscitated CPU. I also shopped around for a good app to upload images directly from my phone to to Flickr. What I have settled on for now is CameraSync, an app that will automatically sync my photos to Flickr (one way sync). I will have to do some management from within the website now and then to put images where I want them in sets and groups in my photostream. This solution will have to do for now, and probably once I have done massive uploading, it will stay through inertia.

For now, I have made new photos available to family and friends, so if you want to see my photostream, send me a note to add you to my Flickr contacts.

I decided to add this photo as an example of my now downloading iPhoto library. There were some really good ironic placements of adds on the Boston T a few years ago. My favorite was this ad with the C.S. Lewis quote next to a Lowe’s or Home Depot ad about grilling.

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