Last year, two technology educators in the Boston area started a group, Massachusetts Middle and Elementary School Educators using Technology (MEMSET), to fill a void. Most technology professional development is aimed at high school teachers, and there is a real need to network in the elementary and middle school level. It was wonderful to join in as this group started, and I am energized after each meeting. This year, the group has stalled out a bit; I am putting some energy, along with others, to get it going again. I have pushed for a new meeting which will happen in two weeks. In addition, I have sought out educational technologists at schools that have not attended and sent emails to the ones whose email is listed on their websites. Tomorrow, I hope to call schools to contact others who have no emails listed.

When I was a classroom teacher based in St. Louis, I put quite a bit of energy into helping organize teacher meetings for independent school teachers. These meetings allowed teachers of similar grades or specialist subjects to spend time together and share their resources and stories. For many it was a relief to meet others when they were the only person holding that particular job in their school. I remember the art teachers really connecting and carrying the networking forward.

In much the same vein, I hope that this group can really take root and make a professional community that sustains our growth as a whole and my own personal growth as a technology educator.

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