Mucking out the Barn

For a number of years I have been very diligent about keeping my work email inbox to a bare minimum. Messages that stay in my inbox serve as reminders of tasks not yet completed or of messages unanswered. I get antsy if by the end of the day there are more than fifteen messages staring at me. I keep my inbox clean by moving completed emails to a subfolder or deleting them.

The same management has not been applied to my personal emails. At this point I still have personal and throw-away emails in Yahoo as well as a set in Google. Both accounts suffer from the never-ending effluent from mail lists. Some I have signed up for long ago, some hid their lists in some signup box left checked, and some just found me and started laying down their messages in the layers upon layers of electronic gunk that serves as my inbox.

Today that all changed. I opened the floodgates and washed away the years of accumulated waste. My stables are as clean as Augeas’ without all of that Greek mythology drama.

I think I will unsubscribe from as much as I can to help keep the flow down.


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