Lists, Lists, and more Lists!

I’ve now got lists for books and movies. I have a list app that shares the grocery list with my wife and keeps general lists. I have paper lists for the day. I have archives of lists that I am slowly unearthing from the stratigraphic of my desk piles. Some items on those to do lists are comically out of date, and some of them still need to get done.

I don’t have a good wishlist organizer for my music. I have been keeping it on Amazon wishlist, but people sometimes buy me things off that list. I don’t actually want to buy these albums or songs, necessarily. I just want a place to keep track of the music I read about and maybe want to check out from the library or buy when the the mood takes me.

iTunes has a wish list feature, but it is unavailable on the iPhone (as far as I can discover) and only marginal on the iPad.

After some poking around, even buying a promising looking app that ended up being too quirky, I am reduced to making a music list in my Wunderlist app. This is not ideal because it does not have the database integration and scanning tools that something like Goodreads has for books.



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