End a End a End Around

Today, I was going to explore an animation site, and to do this I planned on uploading a photo from my phone to Flickr. Usually this involves launching PhotoSync and letting it go. There are quirks, such as multiple uploads of images, but for the most part it works just as I want it to. When it fails spectacularly, I use the Flickr app which is annoying for multiple image uploads. Both failed to upload the images I had in my camera roll after chugging away on them for some time.

Time for the major end around. I emailed the photo I needed to myself, and then I used the Flickr uploader to grab it from the downloads folder. This finally got the image to my Flickr account. I remember when this is how I moved images. I hope that this is just a hiccup in my digiflow and not a permanent digilogjam.

After all that, the animation forced the image to be upside down. I don’t have the patience to work around this one tonight. More animation later.

Edit: And now the digiflow is working again. Hmph and phew.

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