Resuscitating a Scanner

I guess I never used my scanner after I initially updated to Win 7. This time, however, I have a scanning project I want to accomplish, so one of the first peripherals after the printer that I attempted to connect was my Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner.

I quickly found out that Epson had not released a diver for this particular scanner for 64 bit systems. Amazing, considering they supported older and newer models. Just this one was sent out to pasture. Well, I was not ready to give up that easily. I bought this scanner to digitize my family’s medium format slides that can only be seen when viewed through an antique projector that loads only two slides at a time. For anyone who has sat through a showing of my family’s slides, they know what an ordeal it is to get them out and actually see them. Thus, I borrowed the many boxes and converted this photographic record that stretches well before my birth into digital format.

Now and then, I have other scanning needs that make it more convenient to have a scanner next to my desk instead of networked in my wife’s office, so I was determined to get this one up and running again.

After a few futile attempts within Epson, I went to the great driver helper, Google Search. All of the articles pointed to one solution that seemed to work for everybody. I followed all of the directions carefully, but still no dice. Looking carefully at the new text to add to the inf file, I realized that this was for USB support not Firewire. I swapped out the firewire cable and connected a USB cable. Presto, my scanner lives again.


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