FitnessPal with a dash of RunKeeper

Well, I don’t do too much dashing these days; I was always more of a long distance runner. Most of the time I track my fitness and dieting goals using FitnessPal. Last year, I dropped 15 pounds when I got fed up with gaining weight because of stress eating. Just entering in what I was eating forced me to rethink what and how much I was consuming. The general cardio settings are fine for my level of fitness and interest in tracking things.

However, when I really want to know how far I have gone and in how much time, I use RunKeeper. Both are free. Today, my RunKeeper tracked my walk, showed me a map of it, and told me how many calories I burned. Neat. Then I put that info into FitnessPal. I always wondered what my pace was when walking quickly. Turns out it is about 3.3 miles per hour.


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