Hard Drives

Today, I had some success with hard drives. I managed to finally install the extra drives my brother-in-law sent me into the removable drive bays in my computer. Trouble shooting involved seating them correctly in the trays–a process made harder by conflicting documentation, updating drivers, and using disk manager to create usable folders and assign drive letters. I now have vast storage into which I can stuff my files, pre crash, back onto my computer. Yay.

On another note, I had previously rigged a magnet to hold open a baby gate that swings shut on its own. My son promptly yanked it and broke the line that was connecting it to a drawer handle. I have now gone “Tim Toolman” on it. I re-purposed an old hard drive magnet (very strong, for those who have never played with one) and used a strong cord that he can’t possibly break. I knotted the ends and melted them with a candle lighter. That magnet is going nowhere!

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