Springpad: another foray into organizing my life

As many of my past posts have shown, I am trying to organize my life, both the digital and non-digital parts. To do this, I have used very general organizational tools, such as Wunderlist, and very specific tools like GoodReads. General tools are great because they apply to many situations while specialized tools really add a lot to the specific task they handle. My digiflow now includes Wunderlist, Goodreads, IMDB Watchlist, MyFitnessPal, Twitter, Facebook, CameraSync, Flickr, Mr. Reader, and Blogsy when I have to blog on my iPad. There are others, but these make up the majority of my daily digital use. I am mostly satisfied with Wunderlist as a list manager, but I have been looking for something to organize projects that is friendly on iOS devices. Google Apps still isn’t very user friendly on iPad or iPhone. Evernote is very popular, but seems to be overkill for what I want to do. Today I started up Springpad. It is free, it has checklists, it has projects, and it seems to be pretty smooth on iOS. I think this is where my work projects will get organized.

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