Gift Lists

When my wife and I were married, we were convinced by others to create a gift registry to avoid people getting us things for which we had neither desire or purpose. Our list consisted of a more traditional section connected to a department store that people could easily access. The list also contained a section with photos and contact information for local artists from whom we commissioned pieces including our dishes.

This concept carries on with the advent of my children’s birthdays. We put a blanket “No Toys, Please” on invites to birthday parties, and that is always ignored by some. To guide grandparents toward what we would like in the house, my wife and I have kept up an Amazon wishlist for our daughter (the son is only one). I do like this tools for several reasons. It is very accessible to family spread out all over the nation. Amazon lists also allow for items not sold on Amazon to be included. This makes the list far more powerful. One of the items we will add this year is a play stove. Both kids love them whenever they have a chance to play with them. I absolutely love the values and craftsmanship of Camden Rose, but that oven is just too expensive for us. There are other wood sets that have lots of nice features in a price point that is more reasonable. One of those will end up on the list as we update it for the soon-to-be fourth birthday party.

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