Should Not Do

Today, I am blogging from my iPad. While poking around for inspiration related to technology, I remembered I hadn’t checked out the new features of Blogsy, the app I use to create WordPress and Blogger entries from my iPad.

There are quite a few new features, and I had to reset my Blogger settings. While looking at their new help videos, I was amused by the title, “Shold Not Do.” This video outlined some things one should not do when using Blogsy, but the presence of the video spoke to several things.

First, there are quirks in Blogsy in which one can get caught. This is to be expected in apps to some degree, and that brings up the second point: at least these developers acknowledge the issues and create a video to help users avoid problematic usage of their app. Lastly, they have a sense of humor. They could have titled the video, “Issues with text placement around image and video objects” or something of the sort. Instead, “Should Not Do,” caught my attention long enough to actually click on the link and learn about what I should not do.


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