My digiflow has a digiclog! All of these apps and web tools are great at creating ease and efficiency with managing photos, RSS feeds, and the many other pieces I feed through my digiflow. However, when I get busy or caught up in being with my kids, I am the piece that still has to do some work. When I don’t, a clog forms. My reader backs up into the thousands of posts unread, my Flickr stream is a massive, unsorted mess, and emails threaten to once more spread across pages and pages of my inbox. While dealing with these sometimes feels like pouring Draino in my brain, I work hard to keep up. I prioritize email. I have no compunction about blowing through RSS feeds and marking all read in certain categories. Photos just take time to sort through now and then.

No flow is perfect, and all require some persona l attention. Without the attention, the rough edges of the flow become more apparent.

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