Since my wife and I have moved to having our children in Huggies diapers at night from the more Earth-friendly but bed-unfriendly brand we were using, I noticed a rewards program advertised on the packaging. I finally decided to sign up with hopes of getting some free diapers. After giving my info, for that is what they really want, I looked at what I might be able to get after my kids have soiled thousands of diapers. Oddly, no diapers. Only free music, magazines, and other things I don’t really need. While the music could help to calm me or my children and in a pinch the magazines could replace the diapers, this was a total waste of time. Not only that, but there is another place that has my info ready to spread it and use it.

You’d think I would learn, but when faced with the cost of diapering for a few more years, anything to take the edge off. I knew from the start I was pumping my info out there into the veins of the infoverse, sustenance for many mosquitoes to siphon off. Hopefully the worst that comes of this is the irritation of unwanted emails.


One Comment on “Sucker!”

  1. stlgeekwoman says:

    You could always move to cloth diapers. Har har. Just kidding.

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