I Am Spam, You Can’t Hear Me Roar

For a while now, my posts on Technological Ontogeny have not even been showing up on my own timeline or News Feed in Facebook. I don’t know what happened. My other WordPress blog shows up fine. My only thought is that I accidentally used the x to close out a post rather than clicking back and inadvertently marked myself as spam. I have spent some time looking for my own spam filter, but I cannot find it. There are lots of helpful sites that show where it should be, but under my Timeline -> Activity Log -> All there is no spam option as is shown on all the helpful screen shots I found. Mine is just missing. Hmmm.

I used IFTTT to automate posting to Facebook. That showed up, but it is not as clean as from the WordPress App. So with this blog, I will now manually add entries after I have finished them.

I imagine a clean world of clear rules that can be understood and followed. However, the rules for different sites change and are so complicated that the effects are somewhat unpredictable. This is doubly so when accidentally declaring oneself as spam. Yes, I am processed meat in a can.

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