Goodbye Diigo? Hello Delicious

I entered the social bookmarking scene when Delicious was going under and before it had been bought by Yahoo. There was movement at that time to use Diigo. Also, Richard Byrne at freetech4teachers highly recommended it. However, Delicious did not die, and not many other sites natively support Diigo bookmarking.

I really like the iPad RSS reader I ended up with because of Diigo support. I will probably keep using Mr. Reader, but I have many more options should I want to move on. Many other sites and applications have built in Delicious support.

I have successfully exported my bookmarks from Diigo and am in the process of importing into Delicious. If it all works, I will follow all the ripples to the places where I have linked in my Diigo library, placed a bookmarklet, and more.

Now to explore stacks and all the other features of Delicious.

The import has left page one of my links blank so far. Here is my list starting on page two.

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