Great Day!

My school is in the process of having a new website built. This pulls the talents of many people together. Most days, I work with the head of the website committee, and our working relationship is excellent.

Today, I had a long anticipated phone conversation with our vendor’s web platform architect, and the conversation was long–two hours. This was one of those calls that did not have a lot of fluff. It was two hours of to the point discussion about various aspects of our work that overlaps. I came out of the meeting exhilarated, relieved to have concrete things to do, and reminded of one of the reasons we chose this company. The platform architect was a pleasure to work with. After two intense hours on the phone, that is a really good thing.

Between that call and the follow up and riding six miles to and six miles from school, I am very pumped. An excellent Friday.

One Comment on “Great Day!”

  1. stlgeekwoman says:

    Great to end the week on a high!

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