Getting Something out of a Conference

Today, I attended a conference aimed primarily at CFOs with some sessions for tech people in schools. It was like many conferences in that the best things I got from the experience were the connections I made and the side conversations. I nabbed one of the opening panel speakers and got some info about the BYOD program his school is implementing. I also ended up sitting next to a tech coordinator of another elementary and middle school, so I talked to him about MEMSET, a group for elementary and middle school educational technologists and teachers using technology in the Boston area.

I found the same to be true of this year’s MassCUE conference. The conversations and chance meetings were what I valued most.

For this reason, I am totally pumped for EdcampBoston this weekend. This will be my first edcamp, but from the reviews and the setup, there is such a higher probability that I will get a lot out of it.

One Comment on “Getting Something out of a Conference”

  1. stlgeekwoman says:

    Wonderful. Networking is everything. Or at least 90%.

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