Back to the Future

One of the things I read about in “How to be a great blogger” advice is that writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them to post at a regular time is one important piece of creating dependability. I have done this on occasion when I was heading out for a trip or knew that I had a rough couple of days with childcare or school commitments coming up.

My teaching often was somewhat planned and yet flexible enough to respond to student interest on the fly. Planning a day ahead probably was the most common strategy I employed, so this is just like that. Instead of sitting down cold and hoping to be inspired for the current day’s post, I’ll sit down cold and hope to be inspired for tomorrow. It just sounds so much better that way!

So while you read this, know that I am writing tomorrow’s post as well. I even have a topic already; now it is time to let those words flow.


One Comment on “Back to the Future”

  1. stlgeekwoman says:

    I agree. Sometimes at the end of the day my neuron just isn’t up to it. I often have my best inspiration in the morning. So I jot ideas on a piece of paper or even start writing a draft if there is time. Happy blogging. And thanks again for getting me started.

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