The First Shovel

When I was early in my teen years, a neighbor hired me to do some construction which amounted to digging ditches around a house to relay drainage pipes. After the first few shovels of dirt hit the small pile, the immensity of the task ahead of me became glaringly apparent. As a young teen, this was no big deal; in fact, it probably served to blow off some of that excess energy. Where did that stuff go?

Walking away from #edcampbos, I was energized in the way only good professional development can. I haven’t made my way through hardly any of the copious resources put out by that day of collective sharing, learning, and teaching. The one area I have started to make some movement on is the education bloggers group on Facebook. I managed to get two docs in that group organized a bit, to follow all of the Twitter handles, and to subscribe to all of the listed blogs. My goal after this blog and my other is to settle in with my iPad and get some nice reading done while I work on a scanning project that gets amazingly tedious without another task to occupy my mind.

Unlike my youthful experience with shovel and mattock, this project is something of my own choosing, and it excites me. There is a lot of work, none of which is critical, but all of which I want to do. It is just a matter of selecting where to dig in for greatest effect because I cannot do everything I see to do already. I am sure as I get going, the scale of opportunity will only increase.

4 Comments on “The First Shovel”

  1. @42thinkdeep says:

    Your efforts have been great for the group!

    The iPad can be a lot of fun (particularly in the class). It was so fun just getting used to it and finding out apps and ways to use it.

  2. Rachel Small says:

    I totally agree with you. It’s so hard to know where to jump in and how to find the time to read and comment on blog posts as well as write them. EdCampBos was extremely beneficial. It was such a great feeling to meet so many new friends who share the same goals and questions.

  3. DB Keohane says:

    Great blog. Question: How do we get the most of the facebook ed blog group? What is our ultimate goal, a free-flowing exchange of ideas or healthy competition? Or both?

    • danriles says:

      I am not into the competition. I hope the group leads to some level of added accountability for me to continue posting. I hope to make connections and learn from engaged teachers. I imagine each person may have different ultimate goals as is healthy in a diverse and respectful community.

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