The Evernoting Story

Unlike The Neverending Story, the web is not being destroyed by the Nothing. Quite the opposite, in fact. The web is rapidly being expanded, and no flying, furry luckdragon could possibly fly all of the way across it. Tron, himself, would find it hard to navigate the ever expanding infoscape.

I have made attempts to filter this boiling sea of data and only direct pertinent info toward me. It is still far too much to see all of, so finding a way to dip in when I want to, to not miss the really important stuff, and to curate things I want to find again has been my major focus this year. My journey has taken me from Diigo, to Delicious, to Springpad, and now to Evernote. I am not yet sold on this being the solution for me.

So far I have created an account, installed the web clipper, watched a few videos, and made a few test notes. I can easily see many uses, but I really need to get my hands dirty by using it for a few weeks. I would love to hear how others are using Evernote or how they have decided not to and what they are using instead.

4 Comments on “The Evernoting Story”

  1. @42thinkdeep says:

    I’m a sucker for movie references, particularly ones that end up relating to teaching and/or technology.

    Here is my secret (and please don’t let it get out) – I have never used Evernote. People swear by it and declare that it is the greatest thing since sliced logs made “wheels” but I just haven’t taken the time. Please learn more and tell us. Make a believer out of me!

  2. Ms. L-P says:

    I’m also excited to hear more about how it works from you. I checked it out, but I don’t have time to really dig in right now. i’d love to hear your thoughts before I really dig in this summer!

  3. DB Keohane says:

    I love Evernote but have neglected it lately. My cache of notes is enormous and I haven’t taken the time recently to weed through and organize my notes. However, I think it is a great resource for organizing contact information, notes, and clipping articles that you could use later to develop a good blog post. One of the best uses is the ability to take a picture of handwritten notes and then search keywords from said notes. I wrote about my love for Evernote on an early blog post –

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