Reflection, Stepping Back at #131

This is blog post #131 of an almost daily habit I started over winter break. My original purposes for this and my parenting blog was to carve out space in my day, daily, for writing. I also wanted to use the time to grow as a technology teacher and to be held accountable for reflective practice in my parenting. All of these things have happened, and I am pretty proud of the accomplishment of getting two blog posts completed daily.

However, my writing is not what I really wanted from this time. Now that I have wrested it from the TV and other distractions, I want to refocus my writing. I have a children’s novel that has languished for over a decade and other book ideas I want to see if I can take a swing at.

With the two blogs, I find that my freshest writing is happening in my parenting one, and this one is running on fumes. I have lit a charge in my growth as a technology educator, and that is going well. I am, however, deeply engrossed in several big projects at school, and they are not the type of daily update material I was hoping to use in this blog. So, I will scale this blog back a bit. I will write when I am excited about some technology growth I have made. I imagine that this will happen roughly weekly, but I am not going to hold myself to a rigid schedule. This way, I hope to just convey thing about which I am truly enthusiastic and that might be more relevant for the followers of this blog.

Until the next big thing, then.


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