The first thing that first tier customer support often advocates is reinstall Windows. While this nuclear solution is rarely called for, my computer is suffering from the boot-for-30-minutes disease caused by a multitude of issues. Time to reinstall. 
I was saving this for a day when I could focus on it, but really the few times I have had to use my pc, the irritation has been too great. I will pick away at getting it up and running.
So far I have booted from the OS disk and initial install seems to be going well.
I’ll keep you posted. 


My poor desktop computer. I abandon it for this iPad, and it hasn’t updated for quite a long time. I turned it on, and it promptly froze, tried to update too many things simultaneously, and became more pokey than normal. After several days of futzing with the computer, it seems to be working ok. I am trying to avoid a complete overhaul since I really don’t have time for that.