Settling into Delicious

As I go through my recently completed book, Rethinking Popular Culture and Media, I am transforming the pieces I liked into digital objects. Some book recommendations go to GoodReads, some music goes to Pandora, and many pieces turn into bookmarks in Delicious. I used to use Diigo, but now have switched.

Switching something like this takes a bit of work. I have now changed my links text on my WordPress blogs to reflect this change. I have also changed it on my Blogger blog. I am sure there are other places where I will have to go and redirect to Delicious.

Delicious makes it easy to create bookmarks from Tweets, but that is the reverse of my current workflow. I used IFTTT to send my Diigo bookmarks to Twitter, and this caused quite a few people to follow them. I found that I had to do the same for Delicious. I get that lots of people want to save bookmarks from Twitter to their bookmarking site. I guess if the sites enabled this, then there would be people who would set up both Tweets feeding bookmarks and bookmarks feeding Tweets. Endless loops and crashes ensue. One would think they could filter for tweets originating from one’s own account, but it is not available from within Twitter as far as I can tell. Just another use to use IFTTT.

I have the bookmarklets for Delicious on the computers I use, but not on my iPad yet. I’ll get around to that soon.

I have put some art on the walls, unpacked some boxes, and settled in to using Delicious, and I like it.


I love this site. I had been looking for an easy way to publish to Facebook my infrequent posts to from a personal blog that mostly has photos and video of my kids for their grandparents and close friends. That blog, hosted on Blogger, did not seem to have any automatic posts to FB as WordPress has built in. I had seen some apps on FB that could probably do the trick, but I have tried to minimize the number of FB apps I have. They seem to constantly change their settings and end up populating my stream with chatter I don’t want to read.

Enter If This Then That(IFTTT), a website that lets you create actions based on conditions. It was a cinch to have ifttt check my feedburner URL to my website and post any new activity to FB. I made a test run, and it worked like a charm.