The Egg

Can an organism practice reflective ontogeny? I am evolving from a classroom teacher into a technology specialist, a transformation many have undergone before me and many will after. What have others’ growing pains been? They are mostly hidden in the polished products they now present to the digital world. Those who come after have to relearn the same lessons.

This blog serves then as a record of my individual growth in this field. Mostly it is for me. I will document what I am doing in order to think more deeply about it and to have a resource available. If budding technologists find any pearls of wisdom, or more likely massive train wrecks to avoid, then please let me know in your comments. If any sage denizens of the ed tech world stop by, feel free to point out anything that could be useful.

I have chosen WordPress because it is a platform I have never used, because it is a popular tool, and because it is one of many forays into new ground I am making in order to spur my growth. This blog is the fertilizer of my seed, the yolk of my egg.

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