Fragile Concepts Meet the Battering Ram of Reality

 Today, after teaching a class, I prepared to buckle down and get some work done on the parent Internet safety talk I am giving in a few weeks. I am grappling with how to transition parents from the very emotional and dramatized ideas around Internet dangers to a more rational approach that confronts those trends, puts them in context, and spends most of the time working on proactive things parents can do in the course of parenting. Needless to say, this involves some thought.

I was wrapping my head around some articles and data when reality struck. I needed to cover a lunch and then most of an afternoon in the Kindergarten room. I absolutely feel that being flexible and covering for other teachers makes a school work better, and that as a specialist I am more than happy to do so. However, my mind was slowly drawing these disparate ideas together and had not really gotten to a restore point yet to which I could return. Abruptly, I was called to do some work with upper elementary students in their research, so I got moving. As the day progressed, those wisps of thought unravelled and will have to be coaxed out again before I can draw them together into something coherent.

It was an entertaining day, though, with much more student time than I had previously counted on.