The Evernoting Story 2

Just like all movies, good and bad, have the potential for a sequel, here is mine.

Today, I messed around with the Evernote iPad app that is somewhat limited. It can’t make new notebooks. However, I did play with the voice recording and typing at the same time. Wow, I could see some really great uses for this. I have decided that I will stay with Delicious for my bookmarks. I like the stacks, and I don’t really want to write copious amounts of notes or do voice annotations on web bookmarks. My task lists either will live in Wunderlist or in SpringPad. I think personal in Wunderlist and work ones in SpringPad where I will use the project management tools.

What does that leave? The first thing that comes to mind is that this is a great tool for digital portfolios! Being able to snap photos of work and put them in different notebooks, have students write or dictate reflections, and see it on any platform certainly lends itself to portfolios. I have already read several articles and talked to Ivan Nieves at Concord Academy about just this process.

What else? The web clipping tool would be great for research. Creating notebooks with the clips rather than bookmarks along with notes, photos, and other stuff could be a good use. I also see using Evernote as a good place to do the expansion at the beginning of a project when I am gathering lots of info. I can dump it in one place, sort through it, and then begin to focus. I don’t know if it will serve as well for that part; that is where I’d probably switch over to SpringPad. I’ll have to use it on my next big project to find out.

List Dispersion

Initially, I tried to find an app to unify all of my lists: groceries, books to read, movies to watch, tasks to do. I still love Wunderlist for most of my general list making and especially sharing groceries with my wife. However, I am beginning to disperse my more specific lists to apps and sites that are geared for those particular items. I have moved to Goodreads for my books, and I have now moved to IMDB for my movies lists. These item specific sites/apps are much better at finding the particular thing you want and filling in the related info. Also, the social nature of these sites leads to pretty good recommendations.

Tools: Lists

There are lots of fancy list making tools out there. My wife and I were using Zenbe Lists, but recently, it has been prone to many errors. We needed a new one, and I really use my lists to help me get projects done.
What we needed:

  • The ability to sync specific lists (like groceries) between our devices.
  • low cost or no cost (including no yearly or monthly subscription for a web service)
  • Universal
  • less crashing

This led us to Wunderlist, a list tool that syncs using a CloudApp.

It is not the most robust tool on the market, but it is free. And it seems to work so far. Hopefully things like nested lists will come with time. It does have a nice interface right now, though.