Infinite Loop, You Pesky Varmit!

Be vewy, vewy quiet. We’re hunting Woops!

In all of this digital rearranging of my life, there have been a few entertaining side effects and results. Luckily most are fairly obvious and easy to deal with. The monitors on my computer freezing and creating vertical lines was annoying, but with a fresh set of drivers from the PC manufacturer’s website, that problem seems to be over. Today, I noticed that my Flickr account had duplicates of several new images. After poking around for a while, I realized that I had enabled iCloud Photostream. This in combination with camera sync and two iOS devices created a loop that occurred each time I opened Camera Sync. After turning off Photostream, this problem is gone. I deleted the duplicate new photos, but the masses of old photos to organize in Flickr remain. This is just one of those things that I will have to dedicate a few hours or the equivalent in bits of time to grind away at and get in order. Too much at one time might just make me loopy!

The Power of Unifying

I have not finished, by far, the process of unifying all of my photos, but the power of this one location is already evident. I have much work to do to create sets and collections to my Flickr photostream. As I looked back over photos from the past, this one stood out as a hazy dream of some time I was near water and boats.

Photos Managed for Now

In my endeavor to unify, simplify, and organize the many different scattered elements of my digital life (and some parts that are still analog), I keep looking for a great photo organizer. There are many options out there from iCloud to SmugMug. For now, however, I have settled on Flickr. Family members are already using it, so sharing is a no-brainer. I paid for the upgrade to access my original photos and download longer videos. I am currently uploading my iPhoto library from the mac to which I have been downloading phone camera photos for the last few years. After that, I will tackle uploading the years of digital photos from my desktop. First, I have to reconnect the external drive that stores all that info. I still only have monitors, keyboard, and mouse hooked up to my recently resuscitated CPU. I also shopped around for a good app to upload images directly from my phone to to Flickr. What I have settled on for now is CameraSync, an app that will automatically sync my photos to Flickr (one way sync). I will have to do some management from within the website now and then to put images where I want them in sets and groups in my photostream. This solution will have to do for now, and probably once I have done massive uploading, it will stay through inertia.

For now, I have made new photos available to family and friends, so if you want to see my photostream, send me a note to add you to my Flickr contacts.

I decided to add this photo as an example of my now downloading iPhoto library. There were some really good ironic placements of adds on the Boston T a few years ago. My favorite was this ad with the C.S. Lewis quote next to a Lowe’s or Home Depot ad about grilling.