Today my new thing is actually an old thing with which I never experimented. Well, old as the Internet goes, I guess. As I have been preparing my Livebinder for my Internet safety talk in two weeks, I needed to embed an example of a slideshow prepared by a company that sells Internet security solutions to parents. These slideshows can very obviously or very subtlety create a sense of fear in order to sway people toward purchasing the service. As a parent of two young children, I am very tired of fear-driven advertising. It seems that if I don’t do x, y, or z, my children will be horribly mutilated, have severely stunted emotional and intellectual development, and just be bad people. I find similar issue with the advertising surrounding Internet safety products, and these free educational materials fall squarely under the banner of advertising. 

I selected one to embed, but how to do it? I first turned to Google Docs and tried to upload my file as a Google Presentation. It was too large, so I just created a link to the download page. Today, however, I used Slideshare to upload this file and directly embed it in my Livebinder presentation.

Still trying to learn a new ed tech thing every day, and on most days I succeed at least exposing myself to something new.