Probably I saw this on FreeTech4Teachers, but regardless of the source, I decided to check out ThinkBinder as a tool for my school tech committee.

After signing up, I took it for a spin as much as I could sitting at my parents’ computer. I really like the tools and interface. The top navigation area is general for groups, messages, etc.

Within the thinkbinder window, there are tabs for feed, files, whiteboard, and search. In the feed window, there are  sort by and posting tools. The whiteboard brings up a collaborative whiteboard, and the files window allows for adding files. Binder settings and the chat pane are located to the right. It is a very clean interface that should be a fun place to organize my tech group around what we need to do for the rest of the year. I have tried out the binder button I added to the browser, and it works like a charm. It allows for comments and tags. I even played with the video chat option. Lots of power in a very simple interface.

I could do the same through any number of collaborative suites and even Google Docs, but I just felt like trying something new.

Multi-Touch Whiteboards

Both Promethean and Smart boast a board with dual users, but what is the state of multi-touch whiteboards? The Promethean Activboard 500 Pro looks like the real deal with four simultaneous users. The SMART Board 800 series allows two users. With Lion and Win 8 both going whole hog for tablets and other multi-touch enabled devices, whiteboards should be evolving with them.
I regularly swipe, pinch, and tap the Eno boards at school, and the board contemplates me with humor. “Silly human,” I can hear it think, “I am not an iPad.”
“Well, you should be,” I think right back. “Not only that, but your pens should work much better than they do!”