Restricted Guest

 Today, I attended the Montessori Schools of Massachusetts annual conference. Hosted by Dean College in Franklin, MA, the setting would have been a lot nicer if I hadn’t had to drive an hour in freshly fallen and unplowed snow on the highways. 

The college had a guest account on their wireless, as many istitutions do, and I logged in planning to do some digital work during quiet times or when I was unable to focus on what was in front of me.

Some things worked; I guess I should have kept up a twitter feed, but there is no way I can even compare to someone like Stephen Anderson’s tweets at #TMGA12 today. Wow, that guy is a veritable transcription of his experience in Twitter.

I was trying to get through to my Google related work, most specifically catching up on some reader feeds. No luck. Both through the browser based mobile interface and through my reader app, Mr. Reader, I was unable to connect. I believe this had something to do with the guest login restrictions. So my mind just wandered after I finished my email catch up.

I understand various restrictions on guest accounts, but I don’t get the restrictions on Google. If that was what was going on, that seems a bit limiting for the many people who would use services like Google Reader when visiting Dean.