One Digital Flow to Rule Them All

It appears that I will attempt to move my digital flow to Evernote. I am hearing it from too many sources, now, that this is the way to go. I am not sure how much of my other pieces it will eat up. Certainly it will replace Springpad, but I have hardly started using that. It might replace my social bookmarks so recently moved to Delicious from Diigo. We’ll see. I am pretty sure I’ll keep GoodReads and probably IMDB Watchlist. Image handling will be the same, too.

This is a weekend project.

List Dispersion

Initially, I tried to find an app to unify all of my lists: groceries, books to read, movies to watch, tasks to do. I still love Wunderlist for most of my general list making and especially sharing groceries with my wife. However, I am beginning to disperse my more specific lists to apps and sites that are geared for those particular items. I have moved to Goodreads for my books, and I have now moved to IMDB for my movies lists. These item specific sites/apps are much better at finding the particular thing you want and filling in the related info. Also, the social nature of these sites leads to pretty good recommendations.