And Now a Handout

For my Internet safety talk for parents this Tuesday, I have created a Prezi presentation as an overview, a Livebinders binder to hold the content of the presentation, and now a handout for parents which I have uploaded to my Google Docs. Now all I have to do is show up!


Livebinders has been around for a while, but I had never played with it. In the vein of trying to do something new each day and with this blog to hold me accountable, I embarked on creating my first Livebinder to collect material and host a parent talk on Internet safety. 
What I like:
Tabs and subtabs
URL paste to embed website
Some variety of layouts
Easy sharing and embedding of binder
What could use some work:
The formatting regularly changes
More control over layout
More media per page
As I really get cracking with this project, I’ll probably have more to comment about Livebinders. For now, it is a useful web 2.0 tool for collecting and sharing resources on a topic.