Lists, Lists, and more Lists!

I’ve now got lists for books and movies. I have a list app that shares the grocery list with my wife and keeps general lists. I have paper lists for the day. I have archives of lists that I am slowly unearthing from the stratigraphic of my desk piles. Some items on those to do lists are comically out of date, and some of them still need to get done.

I don’t have a good wishlist organizer for my music. I have been keeping it on Amazon wishlist, but people sometimes buy me things off that list. I don’t actually want to buy these albums or songs, necessarily. I just want a place to keep track of the music I read about and maybe want to check out from the library or buy when the the mood takes me.

iTunes has a wish list feature, but it is unavailable on the iPhone (as far as I can discover) and only marginal on the iPad.

After some poking around, even buying a promising looking app that ended up being too quirky, I am reduced to making a music list in my Wunderlist app. This is not ideal because it does not have the database integration and scanning tools that something like Goodreads has for books.


iPad limits

I have found that the iPad is a very good general purpose computer.  However, I have run up hard against some limits in how I am trying to use it. This is probably because I am using it more like a laptop and less like an iPad.

  • Spell check doesn’t work well with a bluetooth keyboard. Why?
  • Much less control and functionality with blogging interfaces. This might change as these interfaces are improved.
  • In some apps, the gestures still feel a bit raw and don’t always act as they should.

Still the portability and quick access make the iPad a great tool.

Tools: Blogging App

In order to maintain these new blogs as well as dedicate myself to adding fresh content to my old blog, I have started using Blogsy, a blogging app. It is a bit rough around the edges, but it is a very nice tool. It lets me post to Blogger, WordPress, and Posterous with the next update adding many more platforms.

Tools: the hardware

I have started using my iPad2 with a wireless keyboard to do the bulk of my blogging. I researched many keyboards, but finally decided that the Apple bluetooth keyboard was the best option. The keys are made to work with Apple devices, and the aluminum body would hold up to a beating. I also got a small bag to put the iPad, keyboard, stylus (for drawing), and the infinite number of chargers and dongles that continually are released by Apple to ensure their ongoing revenue streams.

So far, I really like typing on the keyboard. It has a light touch.

The iPad is great to consolidate my burgeoning digital workflows. Soon, I will test out the camera connect kit to get better photos than the iPad, or my iPhone, camera can generate.