The Source

 Where do you go to buy…

There are a few places that stand out in my mental bookmarks as the place to go to get a specific thing. Today, I am focusing on getting a copy of Artisan Bread in Five Mintes a Day because I have used it enough to warrant purchasing a copy. So I turn to bookfinder. Bookfinder aggregates offerings from many booksellers into one nice interface and payment system.

If I am looking for cables, I go to Monoprice. There I can find cables and cable accessories for substantially less than any store and less even than Amazon or similar sellers. I have always been pleased with the quality of the items and the speed of shipping, and the cost is so much less that it makes no sense to go anywhere else.

Oh, dear readers, where are your no-brainer-go-to-this-place places to buy things?

A Gift that Gave again

A very good friend of mine looked through my Amazon wishlist, a place I was randomly throwing books I wanted to read later but did not really intend to purchase. Being the good friend, he identified probably the only book on there that I really wanted. Recently, Wesley Fryer has been tweeting about Goodreads as a place to store and access books and to get recommendations. I jumped on board and consolidated all the various lists of books I had floating around. Who else keeps a Goodreads bookshelf?