Past the Initial Worry

 My computer is back from the dead. I am past the initial worry phase, all Windows updates are installed, and now comes the plodding through all the software to reinstall. It is an excellent time to evaluate each piece to see if it is still what I want to use.

So far, Dropbox and 1Password have been installed. These will help with all of the licenses for other software to come. I think next I need to evaluate my mallware/spam/icky program protection. What are people using?

OnePassword to Rule Them All

 A while ago, I moved to using a password manager, OnePassword, on my computers, iPad, and phone. It is one of those things that I have forgotten how challenging remembering passwords was or how they were inaccessible or how they lived on different lists scattered around my life. Many things fall in the category of I-just-can’t-remember-how-I-did-it-before, but a password manager (paired with dropbox) is one of those backbone things for me.

I can get to my passwords anywhere, I can create much more secure ones now that they are accessible, and I feel so much more secure now that they are on a very encrypted database rather than pieces of paper, Word files, or spreadsheets.

I just don’t know how I managed before!